Friday, 16 October 2009


Just come across this blog (right at the top of google for "where to post articles"):

Oh My God (feel so strongly about this that I even typed OMG in full), how the hell did this crap get upto number 1 on google. If it really is their intention to provide the most relevant results to your search criteria thenthey have seriously failed with this one!!! First, this is a crappy little post that directs straight to another sites' list. Second the list on the other site is garbage.

What mroe can I say!!!!!!!!!

"Informative" articles!?!

Me again,

What's the deal with all this advice for writing informative interesting and orignal articles when all I can seem to find is garbage.

Articles I have read range from basic copies of other articles slightly re-written, to a load of rubbish padded out with keywords to the most extreme non sensical englich strung together in what seems like an almost random fashion (I put this down to people hiring cheap SEO's from non-englich speaking countries)

All this is fair enough if that's the image a company wants to give its self. The only problem with this is that because of the search engines this stuff is being put out for nothing more than getting better rankings. Therefore the avaerage joe doesn't see this garbage they just see the companies putting this rubbish out there at the top of the search engines and think they must be the best company.

I know the search engines can't be expected to go around and check all these "articles" but maybe they should try and do something about it. Like promote the fact that if an article is rubbish then you are going to be penalized!

Well thats my rant for today, hope you enjoyed and please comment!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Feeling a little better after a week of cooling off

After last weeks post really moaning about this and that I have cooled off a bit and am in a bit of a better frame of mind.

Having said that, my little rant and the bad feelings I was having was what made me go and set up this blog so I had better give you somemore of the complaining to stay true to my word. So heres 2 of my most recent complaints that have come to light...

1 - How come everywhere you look there are people saying quality over quantity (refering to backlinks) but then every one of my major competitors has tons of really poor and totally unrelated links.

2 - Why is it that buying links is said to be the ultimate no no but again all these competitors of mine are being linked to from blogs with subject matters that have nothing to do with them? Shouldn't google be penalising them for this (not that I would want that, but a fair fight would be nice)

Please feel free to enlighten me on this

Peace out!

Friday, 2 October 2009

Hello and welcome!

Hello to anyone viewing this, my first foray into the world of blogging. Let me first give you a run down on what this is all about and what you can expect to see on here.

I have created this blog so that I can basically run my mouth off about the SEO field and the many contradictions that the field is fraught with.

I recently started out in SEO after many years of really enjoying computing for my own purposes and loving the world of computing and the attitude of many that all things should be free that come out of the open source movement.

From what I have seen in this field it is all about lying and cheating your way to the top as best as you can while at the same time trying to make it look like you are not. This ain't really my thing but if I don't do it then I won't go very far in my field.

And another thing, the search engines suck because they are the ones that have caused all this crap with the way they rate a sites importance.

Well that's my first rant and rave and I don't feeel any better for it so expect many more to come!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace out! (or slyness and bad feeling anyway)