Friday, 23 July 2010

Been a while, but lets have a rant about blog comments...

Its been a little while since I wandered on here to have a little whine but I am back, not that it matter as no on has yet found my blog so will not be reading, lol!

So anyway, about todays whine. I have been spending quite alot of time doing blog commenting. For anyone that is not sure what blog commenting is from an SEO point of view, basically it is visiting blogs and leaving a comment along with a link back to your site.

My problem with the whole blog commeting thing is that there seems to be no real rules of etiquette. Generally I will find a half decent blog, read through the post and all prior comments then leave my comment that has something to say on the topic in that particular post. Addmitedly I will put a keyword as my name knowing that the link back to the url that I give will be worth something.

Now I have read quite alot about this practice and many bloggers are saying that they will either change the name or delete the comment outright. Fair enough if the comment is just bumph along the lines of, "Nice post!", "Great work!", "Keep it up!", "Thanks for posting!". But if a visitor to your site is going to go to the effort of writing a meaningful and well thought out response to your post then should they not receive a little benefit for their efforts.

And before anyone says that the whole point is to have visitors come to your site who are actually interested in your content rather than just dropping links then yes this in a sense is true but then again alot of the blogs that I come across are purely there as padding to a site that wants to make money one way or another so there isn't really much content worth a damn half the time anyway.

Well thats my latest complaint for the time being and I will hopefully be back in due course to go on a little bit more. I'm think my next post will be something about the generic (usually bad) advice given about SEO here, there and everywhere and how lots of this can only apply to certain types of site.


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