Thursday, 15 October 2009

Feeling a little better after a week of cooling off

After last weeks post really moaning about this and that I have cooled off a bit and am in a bit of a better frame of mind.

Having said that, my little rant and the bad feelings I was having was what made me go and set up this blog so I had better give you somemore of the complaining to stay true to my word. So heres 2 of my most recent complaints that have come to light...

1 - How come everywhere you look there are people saying quality over quantity (refering to backlinks) but then every one of my major competitors has tons of really poor and totally unrelated links.

2 - Why is it that buying links is said to be the ultimate no no but again all these competitors of mine are being linked to from blogs with subject matters that have nothing to do with them? Shouldn't google be penalising them for this (not that I would want that, but a fair fight would be nice)

Please feel free to enlighten me on this

Peace out!

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